My name is Michael Monaghan, mickmon for short. The technological production of music is my passion. This has evolved from an early interest in listening to music, learning the piano and guitar and writing my own songs. Over a number of years, this progressed into my current focus on the technical production of unique audio creations.

I make music in various ways both electronic and acoustic. My electronic music has evolved to have a common theme of metric modulation, taking on a familiar rhythmic oddity making it my signature. This can be heard as a common theme in my debut EP Novelty. I also perform with RetroFix; a quirky rock/brass band playing a residency at Frank Duffs pub in Bray, Wicklow.


Novelty EP:
While orbiting the sun, we venture into unknown water. Recording and producing musical oddities, momental rhythmic tangents, euphonious oddities of novelty forever. https://mickmon.bandcamp.com/album/novelty

In a nutshell, the technological production of music is my passion. This includes remixing, composing and digitally enhancing a variety of material. Have a listen to the music and enjoy the show!

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